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Cooking Courses Sicily Italy

Cooking courses > Italy > Sicily

Via del Ginnasio, 20 98039, Taormina, Sicily
Tel/fax +39 0942 23441
mail info@babilonia.it
cooking courses of typical Sicilian dishes

Corso Ruggero 55, 90015 Cefalu, Sicily
tel: +39 0921 923 146

Federico II
Via del Consiglio Reginale 11, 96100, Siracusa, Sicily
Tel. +39 0931 21491
fax: +39 0931 21491
Email: chiacchiere@biblios-cafe.it
Italian cooking courses held 2 afternoons per week.

Halisa Club PALERMO
Tel: +39 3478845292
Sicilian cookery courses
1 week duration: Euros 350 2 week duration: 600 Euros

LoveSicily cookery school
Via Ritiro N.7
97015 Modica(RG), Italy
Tel: +39 0932 950222
Cookery Holidays in Sicily, right in the heart of historical Modica. LoveSicily is a cookery school in Sicily, based in the beautiful baroque town of Modica, run by Katia and Ronald. Accommodation is available within the school, which is located in the old baroque city of Modica, about 1h20m from Catania International Airport.

Photo of the teacher: Katia Amore

Italian Secrets
Capo d Orlando, Sicily
Tel +44 (0)1494 676136

Scuola Ulisse
Via Crociferi 2, 95124 Catania
Tel. + 39 095 7159820
Mobile: +39 3338785417
Fax: +39 095 2501875
Teaches ancient Sicilian recipes

Cooking Courses Sicily Italy

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