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Cooking Courses Madrid

Cooking courses > Spain > Madrid

Alambique S.A
Plaz de la Encarnacion, 2 Madrid, Spain
Tel: +34 91 547 4220 / 91 559 7858
The kitchen store Alambique offers 1-day cooking classes

Mercedes Breysse
Tel: +34 916 501 642
Spanish teacher offers individual Spanish cuisine courses in your home or office.

Spanish Cooking School
Email: juanpedro@spainchef.com
learn to how to cook classic Castillian recipes
Fee: 56 Euros per person plus cost of food
(minimum of 6 participants per class)

Calle Luis de la Mata 14 D Oficina numero 5, 28042 Madrid
Tel: +34 913 717 638
Email: info@viavinumtours.com
Spanish travel agency specialising in cooking classes.

Cooking Courses Madrid

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