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Cooking Courses Bologna

Cooking courses > Italy > Bologna

Bologna Cooking School
Via Cesare Boldrini 6, 40121 Bologna
tel +39 051 240936
website: www.bolognacookingschool.com
Home cooking school based in Bologna the home of the
famous Spagetti bolognese, this school offers to teach you
many dishes including hand made pasta sfoglia, gnocchi, tagliatelle, tortellini and of course the wonderful tiramisu dessert.

Carmelita Caruana
Tel: +39-349-007-8298
site: blog.cookitaly.com
Hands-on Italian cooking in very small groups of 4 to 8 guests at a time
in Bologna northern Italy.
All classes make use of sustainable, seasonal food and locally sourced produce.

Culinary Institute of BOlogna - CIBO
Address; Via Augusto Righi 30B - Bologna, Italy 40126

 Email: info@cookingclassesinbologna.com

official web site: cookingclassesinbologna.com
Located in the centre of Bologna, the Culinary Institute of Bologna offers unique, hands-on cooking classes by English speaking professional chefs. They organise pasta courses, half-day, one-day and multi-day cooking classes.

Cooking school in Bologna
offers cooking courses & seminars for both amateurs and professionals alike. They can arrange cooking courses for vegetarians, including gluten free. The teachers are professional chefs with a passion for cooking and are experienced teachers.

Cooking Courses Bologna

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