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Cooking Books

Italian cooking books

365 Ways To Cook Pasta
Italian cooking book by Marie Simmons

Japanese cooking

Japanese Best Cooking Recipes Cookbook
Cook and Serve Japanese Cuisine right in your home.

Thai cooking books

Joys Thai Desserts Recipes
Top 20 Thai Desserts eBook

Joys Thai Food Recipe EBook
50 authentic Thai recipes from Thailand's traditional northeast region.

General cooking topics

Prepare easily the most guarded restaurant recipes in the comfort of your own kitchen

Wine Tasting
Hold a Party with Your Friends and Learn How to Assess Wine Like a Professional!

Cook Fish Like A Chef
Learn how to create the delicious fish dishes

Kids-Cooking-Activities ebook
E-book on multiple activities and lessons for kids who love to cook.

fun cooking ebook
Kids Cooking Parties, Theme Dinner Ideas e-book

10 Christmas Desserts
10 Christmas day recipes for only $10 - E-Book

Easier Cooking Ebook
50 Easy Recipes For Food That You Like To Eat!

Gluten Free Menu Planner
Limited allergen-free diet menu planner

Vegetarian Cooking books

How To Cook Garden Vegetables
An illustrated step-by-step guide to preparing vegetarian books including how to cook asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, green beans, peas, peppers, tomatoes and zucchini.

Vegetarian Cooking Made Easy
Maximize the healthy heart benefits of your vegetarian diet plan.

Easy Vegetarian Recipes Pack
40 recipes vegetarian for only $10

Cooking for Diabetics

Diabetic cooking guide
E-Book to cooking for diabetics, filled with Step-By-Step Instructions on how to live a great life with Diabetes.

Cooking for families

Dine Without Whine
Helping all families re-discover the pleasure of the dinner time


heart of cooking
Thanksgiving Limited Diet Menu Planner

Counting calories made easy. Search their system of over 65,000 foods and 700+ activities.

Cooking Books

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